Repair-Cafe-ToolsWhat Are Repair Cafés?

Repair Cafés are pop up events where people bring their broken and damaged belongings and local experts sit down with them and do their best to repair them. They’re about bringing people together, connecting local people in their communities with others who are happy to share their skills and knowledge, saving people money and reducing the amount of material that ends up in our landfills.



Repair-Cafe-BikeWhat we hope to repair

Small Electrical Appliances, Bicycles, Furniture & Wood, Clothes, and General Repairs & Toys.




Repair-Cafe-Sewing-MachineNot a ‘Stop and Drop’ but a ‘Stay and Learn’

As Repair Café events are pop up events typically lasting two to three hours, complicated or drawn out jobs are not going to be possible. As far as is practically and safely possible guests are encouraged to get involved in the repair of their items.Our repairers will spend an average of between 15 and 20 minutes on a repair. This will depend upon the strengths and skills of volunteer experts and the local demand for different support. And there will be free tea and coffee!


Repair-Cafe-ToasterThanks to our Repair Cafe Partners:

Repair Cafe Auckland
Global Action Plan Oceania
Auckland North Community and Development
Glenfield Rotary for their support and eager volunteers
Bike Kaipātiki
Kaipātiki Local Board