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Glenfield Information Network Survey 2018 Results

The main purpose of this survey was to determine whether local organisations, including businesses, Council, community services and partners and some local primary and secondary schools want to come together to develop relationships and share information through a common forum to help shape Glenfield into a vibrant, supportive, busy and dynamic township.

160 organisations were contacted, 64 within a one-kilometre radius of the Glenfield Post Office and 96 within the Glenfield Mall. 47 organisations completed the survey, 35 outside the Mall and 12 within.

Survey findings:

  • There was a 55% response rate from organisations outside the Glenfield Mall compared with 13% from within the Mall
  • 60% of the respondents want to be a part of an information sharing forum
  • 69% want to develop/strengthen partnerships with the Glenfield community
  • 64% of business owners/managers and organisations are interested in sharing their local/institutional knowledge
  • 68% of respondents preferred some form of electronic media as the best method of communication as opposed to 32% who would attend a face-to-face meeting
  • 42% identified “Crime and security” as the most pressing issue facing Glenfield Township, 39% said a “Lack of activities”, and 32% said a “Lack of a town centre”
  • 17% of respondents listed “Retail” as their organisation type, compared with 14% for “Education and training”, “Hospitality”, and “Professional services”
  • 93% of the respondents wanted to receive regular information updates, while only 7% were not interested.

Glenfield Township Information Network Research Report October 2018