Kia ora – my name is Paula Tra and I’m very proud to say that I work for the families of GELC. I live in Glenfield with my lovely hubby Binh and our 3 children, Kimy, Ha-Ly and Lia-Lai. While my babies are adults now with only the youngest still at high school, I have always deeply appreciated the importance, joy and pure fun of the preschool years.
I am lucky to have had a connection with the GELC since my youngest daughter came here as a pre-schooler many moons ago. Back then, as a full-time Mummy, I was asked to relieve when teachers were absent – I enjoyed it so much that I did my training and returned to GELC in 2008 as a fully-qualified teacher and I have been here ever since!
I really love the sense of community and the warm, welcoming and respectful culture that GELC has. Being a ‘mixed-age’ centre allows siblings to grow and learn together which I see as a wonderful advantage for children, their families and the teaching team. I love that GELC is a place of learning for all – I have learned so much here, including just how much more there is to learn.